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“This is a book about the nature of the soul. I will be presenting cases of real-life clients who entered higher states of consciousness during Past Life and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regressions. The incredible accounts of their journey through countless lifetimes, and their observations, while they were beyond the body in a superconscious state, are too amazing not to share.
I do this work for a living. I travel around the country to see people interested in their past lives, and who are particularly interested in the in-between lives state. You may not be all too familiar with this concept, but the life-between-lives spiritual regression techniques were pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton…. his work has changed my life.
In his books ‘Journey of Souls’ and ‘Destiny of Souls’ Dr. Michael Newton presents his discoveries and shares hundreds of cases of the life-between-lives regressions he conducted with his clients.
This book attempts to start where Journey of Souls left off. In it, I present some of the spiritual realizations and explanations that a new generation of awakened souls have experienced. The times have changed. More knowledge is available than even 30 or 40 years ago when Dr. Newton first wrote these Journey of Souls. People have changed and evolved at an incredible pace. The collective subconscious has adapted ideas from oriental philosophy and different spiritual traditions and especially in the United States this has contributed to a new way of thinking among many…..”

Are you looking to find out your own story?

‘When Souls Awaken” is a book about understanding the nature of your soul and finding your purpose.
Learn from fellow travelers on the path their divine discoveries during their personal PLR and LBL journeys.
How, due to this experience, they became reconnected with their divine origins and gained tremendous clarity and encouragement about their path forward. Learn about what true happiness really is, and how to get it, in clear and divinely inspired teachings.

Some beautiful testimonials

What our inspired readers say:

Wow, this has depth! Finally something that makes sense. What a trip. Rebirth, metaphysics, and yoga in one heartfelt flow. The accounts of clients transport you to a different world. I love the author’s insights, commentaries, and personal stories. Once you start reading, you can’t put it down! Highly recommended.

John S.

Next level! Just what I needed, the missing link. This book picks up where others stopped. It’s really the next stage, as so clearly shared in this incredible story. Pieter Elsen is guiding clients into a superconscious state, beyond the body, where one learns about the experiences of souls in superconscious states. Amazing!

Kim J.

I’ve always been interested in reincarnation and the afterlife. Yet until I read this book I was often left with more questions than answers.
Here is a book that explains it all, why we reincarnate, where it ends, what our purpose is here and beyond. A must-read for anybody interested in the purpose of life.

Judy v S.

I wept reading these beautiful cases. It gives me hope, reading this book, that we are ushered into a new age. An age of enlightened consciousness. Knowing that there are so many souls waking up to the glory of their own divine Self is heartwarming and extremely encouraging. Thank you for this masterpiece. I just know that this book is going to be a classic.

Glenn D.

It’s not only the amazing cases in this work, but the incredible knowledge that you share that takes this book to a whole new level. A road map for living a truly inspired life. I needed this, and I think we all need this. What I take with me after reading this is an increased awareness of the divinity of my Soul. It’s time to wake up and walk the talk. I’m genuinely inspired.

Kevin Y.

What can I say? Thank you! And thank you to all these amazing people that have shared the most intimate of divine experiences with me in this divine book. I would never have known that we are not alone on this sacred journey to enlightenment, as it often feels that way. Blessed are these beautiful beings in this book and blessed are we who read it.

Mary F.

I just finished the book. Bravo! This book is a gift to humanity. Through it Pieter is helping pave a positive, sensible path forward for humans to improve the condition of this earth and the life that dwells on it. Let’s hope that many more souls will awaken through the reading of it and consequently nudge their human vessels to be inspired to find their true essence and purpose.

Barbara N.

I love the book! I did the thing where you flip to one page the other night, and whatever I read was profound.
I rarely read books these days tho this one definitely caught my eye. The work is profound for humanity. Blessings and aloha from Hawaii – thank u immensely for all you do.

Bhavana C.

I had not given much thought to past-life or life-between-lives therapy but your book answered a lot of questions for me. Thank you again. Being dyslexic I usually only read one book per year and stick to podcasts and youtube videos but this book was so easy to read and very insightful.

Ashley E.

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Pieter Elsen is a professional Regresson therapist with many years of experience. He travels the world conducting Past-Life / Life-between-Lives Regression sessions and speaking about the nature of the Soul.

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