When Souls Awaken

This 17 CHAPTER book takes you on a journey beyond life as we know it, expanding into the hghest consciousnessnes of our divine Self.


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Knowing the nature of the soul



The ways of higher consciousness


“This is a book about the nature of the soul. I will be presenting cases of real-life clients who entered higher states of consciousness during Past Life and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regressions. The incredible accounts of their journey through countless lifetimes, and their observations, while they were beyond the body in a superconscious state, are too amazing not to share.
I do this work for a living. I travel around the country to see people interested in their past lives, and who are particularly interested in the in-between lives state. You may not be all too familiar with this concept, but the life-between-lives spiritual regression techniques were pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton…. his work has changed my life.
In his books ‘Journey of Souls’ and ‘Destiny of Souls’ Dr. Michael Newton presents his discoveries and shares hundreds of cases of the life-between-lives regressions he conducted with his clients.
This book attempts to start where Journey of Souls left off. In it, I present some of the spiritual realizations and explanations that a new generation of awakened souls have experienced. The times have changed. More knowledge is available than even 30 or 40 years ago when Dr. Newton first wrote these Journey of Souls. People have changed and evolved at an incredible pace. The collective subconscious has adapted ideas from oriental philosophy and different spiritual traditions and especially in the United States this has contributed to a new way of thinking among many…..”


“It is a question that many of us ask ourselves, what is the nature of the soul? How does it reincarnate and where is it when not embodied? What does it look like? Sometimes during a life-between-lives regression session, I am allowed the opportunity to ask these questions on behalf of the client when a soul is particularly talkative, willing and capable.
This particular client, John, is a middle-aged self-employed gentleman interested in the nature of the soul. In his day-to-day life, he’s a meditator with many interesting spiritual experiences. What is unique about this session is that it allows us to witness a soul that is able to express itself in such lucid and clear terms, able to speak from the highest levels of consciousness.
As we move through one of his past lives as a native American, he vividly describes his walk on the Trail of Tears and the terrible forced relocations he and his people had to endure. His detailed and emotional accounts are heartbreaking and he is visibly moved by the loss of his way of life. He had been a peaceful hunter who was happy with his people and his spiritually attuned way of life. After we move through the death scene and ascend to the life-between-lives world, we are able to talk about the nature of the soul.

P: What is this place?
John: It’s not so much a place as a state, a frequency.
P: Can you explain that to me?
John: It’s not that I’m ‘somewhere’, like a location. It’s more that I feel I’m right here with you but at a much higher reality. As if our worlds coexist, but at different frequencies.
P: So you are here now?
John: Yes and no. The body is there with you and I’m aware of you. But my true Self is at a different frequency, in a different place. In a non-physical sense.
P: What does this feel like? Can you describe this to me?
John: It’s like my awareness is light. It’s not physical. It’s consciousness without the burden of the body. I feel blissful and awake.
P: Tell me more.
John: It’s hard to describe in worldly terms, as on earth we are so identified with the body. We have a hard time separating our awareness from the body. But in this state, here, now, there is no body, nor world in the sense as we know it. It is conscious awareness surrounded by an infinite reality in all directions.
P: Are you alone in this state
John: Again yes and no. Yes, in the sense that I am the light. I am that consciousness that is complete in itself. How can I explain? There is no past, no future, no activity, just being. It is full.
No, in the sense that there are many drops in the ocean. I am a drop, yet I am the ocean as well……”


“Jim is a successful publisher from Nevada. I noticed immediately when he walked into my office that he was an introverted and contemplative personality. Tall and strong, he had an air of natural authority. After we had a chat and I explained to him what to expect during the session, we gradually started the lengthy regression induction. During the early stages of the regression, I noticed he entered an altered state of consciousness quickly and deeply. When I regressed him further back in time we entered a past life:

P: Can you describe to me your appearance?
Jim: I have long wavy brown hair. I’m wearing some kind of leather sandals……..
There’s black hair on my toes and feet…….. Brown pants, loose-fitting…….. A white shirt that has buttons that are felt covered. Nothing fancy but it’s a well-made quality material.
P: Where are you now.
Jim: In front of a house…. A log house amidst the trees.
It’s a slightly moist climate…….. The house is set apart but not in isolation.
There are others not too far away…….. This is my house.
P: What else?
Jim: There is well with a garden plot here. It’s France, or near France, central Europe.
P: What is your most significant observation?
Jim: It’s a simple life. There is work to be done around the house and property. But not too much. There is time to be unaccounted for. It feels relaxed. I like it…….. My name is Reynault.
There isn’t anything too important to be done. I enjoy being here and the place where I live.
I’m progressing Reynault forward in time.
P: What is happening now?
Jim: I’m at a cobblestone town square. There’s a fountain and buildings with different color facades lining the two sides of the square……..
There are people walking in different directions……..
It seems I’m in Brussels in the main square. I’m visiting……..
I’ve been here before.
P: Describe to me the outfits people are wearing.
Jim: Nothing extremely fancy, but well-made with some lace and frill and decorations. A few women with nice embroidered and gilded dresses. I see a few horse and carriages.
P: What date comes to mind?
Jim: 1745
P: What’s your mood today?
Jim: I feel I there’s something important for me here.
P: Move forward to that important thing you came here to do.
Jim: There’s a big wooden door. Like the entrance to a church or an inner courtyard area. There’s a slightly elevated platform above the street still attached to the square……..
There’s a man, a religious figure with a robe. Dark red, flowing……..
Looking at me. Inviting me to come in through the door. I go in and walk down the cobblestone path. It brings me into a courtyard set apart from the square.
P: What happens next?
Jim: He’s asking if I’m ready to join the clergy.
P: Is that why you came?
Jim: It is.
P: What do you answer, what do you do next?
Jim: I’ve hesitation. I can also feel that’s why I’m here. I’m going to see it through.
P: Is it a monastic order? Which one comes to mind?
Jim: Something about a bishop. He’s nearby. Catholic. A Catholic church. He’s asking not to join to be a religious figure but to work for the bishop.
P: Are you joining to become a monastic or to be in service to the bishop?
Jim: In service of the bishop. There’s an invitation to join but it’s not necessary to be part of the church itself.
P: What are you going to do?
Jim: He says the bishop has a job for me. That if I accept it there will be a blessing and payment.
P: How does this make you feel?
Jim: Feels like stepping into a new role. There is purpose. Something more than just living a life in a rural village.
P: Is that what you have been looking for, purpose?
Jim: Yes, it is alluring.
P: What’s most significant about this moment?
Jim: It’s a decision to work for something larger than myself. I say yes.
I’m progressing Reynault forward in time to another significant time in his life………”

And much more…..

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